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10 good reasons why english is hard to learn

1.the bandage was wound around the wound
2.the farm was used to produce produce
3.the dump was so full it had to refuse more refuse
4.we must polish the polish furniture
5.he could lead if he would get the lead out
6.the soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert
7.since there`s no time like the present, jeremy thought it was time to present the present
8.a bass was painted on the head of the bass drum
9.when shot at,the dove dove into the bushes
10.after a number of injections my jaw got number

top 10 historical uses of the word "fuck"
1.scattered fucking showers, my arse - noah,4314bc
2.how the fuck did you work that out?- pythagoras 512bc
3.you want WHAT on the fucking ceiling? - Michelangelo 1508
4.hey!where did all those fucking indians come from? General George Custer 1876
5.it does fucking look like her! - Pablo Picasso 1926
6.Where the fuck are we? Amelia Earhart 1937
7.Any fucking idiot could understand that! - Albert Einstein 1938
8.What the fuck was that? Mayor of Hiroshima 1945
9.I need this parade like i need a fucking hole in the head! - John F.Kennedy 1963
10.Don`t sweat it, darling. No-one will ever fucking know! - Bill Clinton 1995

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